Teamwork moved house No. 1

NYAB-House move-JPG


The first house has been moved 4/10 from Malmberget to Koskullskulle.

The move was completed slightly faster than expected and the transport time stopped at just over an hour.

Since the calculation stage, NYAB's staff have put in more than 10,000 working hours, and behind this successful first move is meticulous planning down to the smallest detail.

The hard work and most of the credit is to be attributed to the workers who carried out earthworks and castings at Koskullskulle together with those directly involved in the house relocation project.

Site manager Mark, Daniel Johansson and Project Manager Husflytt, Mikael Ritola praise their colleagues' efforts and also highlight the good collaboration with Mammoet, Nylundhs Husflytt, Sweco, Gällivare Municipality and LKAB. At the same time, NYAB would like to take the opportunity to humbly thank LKAB for the confidence to contribute to this societal transformation by carrying out these land and house relocation contracts.

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