We believe that individual and business development can and should be done the same way — as part of our community, with the future in mind.


Responsiveness & follow-up

Our main objective is achieving the highest quality throughout the entire construction process. Our method of ensuring this quality demands that we are responsive, follow the best working practices and actively seek out and implement quality enhancement measures. Everyone at NYAB, from management to junior staff, assume a shared responsibility for compliance with our quality policy.


Long-term sustainability

All our business is conducted with a long-term perspective and focus on sustainability. We strive to meet and exceed applicable environmental regulations and requirements. We work continuously to minimize negative environmental impact, for example by

  • conserving natural resources,

  • preventing pollution,

  • and promoting environmentally friendly solutions for any and all projects.

Work environment

Well-being and development

Everyone should feel good about going to work. We strive for a safe and inclusive work environment, beneficial for both the body and the mind.

We do this by

  • creating a pleasant work environment,

  • stimulating continued personal development

  • and highlighting work environment issues for both individuals and groups that present themselves in our day to day activity.

We would love to tell you more.